Sunday, September 27, 2009


This year my birth date could be written as 09/09/09. Did this have any cosmic significance? What would the numerologist have to say about this? Was this an extra-special birthday only because of the numbers?

It was extra-special but not due to the triple '0-nines". It was extra-special because I was able to share it with my parents, two of my sisters and a brother-in-law.

My sister Kit and I spent the day walking around the town I grew up in. I could hardly recognize some of it. Thank God for street signs (and Kit), for I might have gotten lost, as many of the old landmarks were gone and new ones in their places. I was very pleased with the new changes to my old hometown. There were beautiful shops, flowers, statues and fountains. I even got used to all of the roundabouts peppered throughout my old stomping grounds.

My high school. Very different from when I attended it years ago.

Kit and I walked about town until we got hungry for lunch. We decided to have lunch at a restaurant that is now inside the old library we used to visit when we were very young. We both opted for the delicious club sandwiches.

It was interesting to go back inside the old library. Of course it seemed smaller to us. Some of the same wood structures were still inside. We went to the basement where the children's section used to be and where we would go for story time years ago; it is now the bar area. We ate upstairs and inside. I thought of my younger self while eating and knowing she would think it was naughty to eat in the library and speak above a whisper and even laugh out loud with your sister more than once.

In our walking before and after lunch we saw things that we thought were picture worthy. Being in the Art and Design District we were inspired to snap away. We saw an old church we did not know existed (we never got too far off of the main drags in our younger days). It was an interesting building and my sister and I soooo wanted to go inside of it.

Kit took me to a different shopping area in town, an open mall full of great shops. I was able to shop and buy The Colonel's birthday present at Sur La Table. Kit took me to Eddie Bauer (Oh how I love their things) and bought me something for my birthday. Thanks Kit, love you!

We looked at the time and realized we had better start heading back to Mom and Dad's. Our little sister Jennifer and her husband Jim were coming over for pizza. The pizza (and cookies, not birthday cake) were delicious and it was great to see Jennifer and Jim.

I had an extra-special birthday and would be inclined to think that the numbers 09/09/09 had nothing to do with it. It was all due to the fact that I was able to spend the day with my some of my family members. Thanks again Kit for the fun filled day!


  1. I have the fondest memories of going down to the library basement and checking out Mrs. Pigglewiggle books....
    Sometime I will have to tell you about those statues. Future blog maybe?

  2. Mom, Dad and I are so glad that you came for a visit, it was a pleasant surprise for our parents, what more can a parent ask than having their daughter home on her birthday.......Thank you, thank you Jill.........

  3. It is very hard to surprise our Mom and Dad. I was a little "emo" while watching it all unfold, my heart was overflowing with the love that I have for my parents and siblings. Thanks for coming home, I've missed you!