Sunday, September 27, 2009

Birthdays are to Chanukah as...

(Chanukah is a Jewish holiday that spans eight days. Giving a gift on each day of the holiday is a modern day practice.)

This year has been unusual for the birthdays in my family. Unusual in the fact that no one has celebrated their birthday at home this year so far. Spud was in St. Petersburg when he turned 16 and Yam turned 18 at Disney World. I was in Indiana visiting family and friends for my "40-something" birthday. We will have to see where The Colonel celebrates his birthday next month.

Since I was going to be gone for my birthday this year The Colonel gave me my present early. Twelve days later I went to my in-laws and had a birthday lunch and opened more presents from them and my Darling Sister-In-Law. Three days after that I opened my presents from Yam and Spud as well as a couple more from The Colonel.

Three days later (and one day before my actual birthday) I was on a plane heading for Indiana for a surprise visit to my parent's house. Early that evening my sisters, Cindy and Kit as well as myself, went into town to pick up our dinner order we called in to Applebee's (it turns out we called the wrong one, so we had to re-order at curbside at this Applebee's. Our waitress promised us she would call the other restaurant for us and straighten every thing out). While waiting for our re-order there was a car next to us and the people getting back inside were carrying a birthday cake. I think my sister Kit commented that I had just flown in from Florida and tomorrow would be my birthday. The young lady cut me a piece of the cake and handed it through the window saying, "Have a blessed birthday". That was very kind of her and the cake was very moist and delicious. I split it between my two sisters and myself. Our Applebee's order came out soon after. Before heading back to my parents we stopped to pick up an ice cream birthday cake for dessert. Dinner was delicious and so was the cake once we were able to cut through it. It was frozen nearly solid and we could not wait for it to thaw properly before tasting it.

The next day was my birthday and my sister Kit took me out shopping. My old hometown was so changed. We walked around a town I could scarcely recognize. It was beautiful with many flowers, shops and fountains. We had such a fun, full day I will need a separate blog just to elaborate upon it.

Two days before I was scheduled to fly back to Florida there was another birthday celebration, this time for my sisters Kit and Jennifer and myself. All September babies. That was a fun day and one that needs its own blog to be covered properly. I also need to dedicate a separate blog for the day I spent with my dear friend Kim and the birthday gift I received that day.

When I did arrive back in Florida I had more birthday cards to open. My mother had sent my card here, thinking I would be in Florida on my birthday and not in Indiana surprising her and my dad. I also had a card to open from my Aunt Barbara.

So, by my count I had about eight separate days of birthday celebrations and/or gifts received just like Chanukah...and I am not even Jewish.

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  1. Even though I talked to you in person about most of this, I smile while reading it now and seeing the photos. Love the tiara.