Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another Frosty Morn

I woke up today to another cold and frosty day. The Colonel took Spud to the bus stop in his truck this morning, so I did not have to scrape my car windows again.

The frost covered everything. The top of the hot tub looked like it was dusted with snow.

The tops of my yard lanterns were frosty. Looked pretty up close.

I am so ready for our normal seasonal temperatures (mid to upper 60's) to return.

I do not like the cold
I do not like it with Jell-O in a mold

I do not like layering with lots of extra clothes
I do no like how it gives me a chilly nose

No, I do not like the cold, Sam I am
I do not like it worth a damn

1 comment:

  1. Just put out a yard sign that says, " Old Jack Frost is NOT welcome here." Nice pic of the lantern. Sis K