Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fruits of Our Labor

When I was in the second grade I had a text book and one of the pages had a drawing depicting the four seasons on it. The picture was of a backyard in Florida. I thought it was exotic.

The seasonal changes were not greatly varied in each section of the picture. The orange tree in the backyard had blooms on it in one seasonal depiction and then perfectly round and very orange, oranges in another. I was enthralled by the orange tree; I thought how wonderful to have your very own orange tree in your backyard so that you could eat an orange or drink its juice whenever you wanted. I think it was then that I knew I wanted to live in Florida one day.

I do not have my very own orange tree (or grapefruit tree)...yet.

My mother-in-law brought us some Ruby Red grapefruits that she had gotten from a neighbor whose friend has a tree of their very own. The Wal-Mart bag was near to bursting with them. I would hate to think how much they would have cost if we had bought them from Wal-Mart.

The Colonel and I sectioned and juiced the Ruby Reds. We tasted them as we worked. The jewel-like grapefruit flesh was the sweetest I have ever eaten.

I know what I will have with my breakfast tomorrow...chilled, fresh squeezed, Ruby Red, grapefruit juice.

Maybe I should plant a handful of these seeds in hopes of many future breakfasts accompanied by my very own fresh fruit and juice.


  1. Plant those seeds! I have never seen a more beautiful grapefruit!

  2. They look delicious siser, wish I liked them, they are in the same category as watermelon, yeckie! Sis K

  3. Definitely plant them!
    They don't call this place paradise for nothing!