Saturday, January 9, 2010

Flight Path

Today was a cold, wet, gray day; very winter-like. If I could fly, I would have gone some place warmer. I would have joined the flock of Robins that was in my yard earlier today.

Just after breakfast (I had that delicious grapefruit) I looked out my window and saw the Robins. There must have been nearly 100 of them all around my yard. I was unable to step outside to get better pictures of them without scaring them away, so I took the photos from my windows (sorry about the quality).

These Robins may have been on their way to central Mexico where they winter; they also winter in Florida.

As cold as it has been, is and will be for a few days more, I recommend the Robins just keep on heading to Mexico. Adios Muchachos.

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  1. Hey sister go out and hunt for Malted Robin Eggs, maybe they left early Easter treats...Kit