Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Program

Usually one would see a Wordless Wednesday photo here, but this Wednesday I felt compelled to write a few words (that is if my frigid fingers can navigate the keyboard).

An Inconvenient (fill in the blank) Mr. Gore! I live in sub tropical Florida where when I woke up this morning the temperature was a bone-chilling 31 degrees!

I had to take Spud to the bus stop this morning as he was in uniform and it was bitter cold out.

I bundled up to walk out to my car, then I had to scrape the windows! SCRAPE I say!! I don't even keep a scraper in my car! I had Spud search in The Colonel's truck in hopes of finding one as I used my Sam's Club card as a scraper. He found one.

Where is this 'Global Warming' I hear so much about? Again I (fill in the blank) Mr. Gore!


  1. Ok, sister put your little yellow bug in the garage until spring. Mr. #%$#@ Gore is on drugs, he needs to detox in a cold climate, waiting on 3-6 inches of snow tomorrow....Kit

  2. We were at 23 this morning with a wind chill of 11. WTH!? I'm a Floridian - I don't own clothes warm enough for this kind of weather!

  3. WE all knew MrInternetInventor was full of poo. I think I should have knit you some wool socks for Christmas! Sadly, 31 sounds warm to me right now.

  4. But u can be assured that the weather will turn around and be warm again, here we have to wait until March or April, throw another log on it sis!