Monday, February 22, 2010

Flight Path Revisited or They're Back

I was sitting at the dinning room table today, having lunch with The Colonel and looked out the window. My yard was beginning to fill up with Robins again. The last time they were here was on January 9th as they stopped by on their way to winter in Mexico. They are now on their way to Canada and more northern states of the U.S. for mating season and to rear their young.

I have always liked Robins...As a little girl I associated them with summer.

On those summer days I would play outside all day long, barely wanting to come in for lunch or a bathroom break. I'd build grass forts in the fields surrounding our house with my sisters and the cute neighbor boy everyone had a crush on.

Welcome back Robins, you harbingers of summer. May the wind be at your backs and under your wings as you head north and into Canada, ay.


  1. Robins in spring gathering big worms to feed their young. The cute boy would be TM, I presume? K

  2. That was my guess also sis. He was my first kiss! I can already feel the warm sun on my face, hurry up robins. cnd