Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Take One"

The Colonel and I had to be at the Blanchard House Museum today. We had to be there to open up and welcome the television film crew of WGCU from Ft. Myers. They came to film a "bumper" (a short segment sandwiched between two programs) for their Connect; SW FL Guide to Community Engagement series.

They interviewed the museum's Executive Director, our friend, Dr. Martha B.

And our friend John A.

John spoke of his growing up in the area during the days of the Depression, Segregation and Civil Rights and Dr. B. spoke about the museum and also about the neighborhood of days gone by.

The crew filmed inside the museum as well as outside. They were at the museum for two hours.

Watching the crew set up and do their work reminded me of my college and post-college days. I studied Broadcast Technology at an Indiana university and shortly before graduating, I landed a job at a small television station in Terre Haute, Indiana. I was the weekend anchor and during the week, a reporter.

I remember reporting on the shooting of then President Reagan and the election of Pope John Paul II. The Pope's brother was rumored to be living somewhere near the town the station was located (someone had called in the tip and left a number where he could be reached). I made the call and the man on the other end said he did not want any publicity (he also never confirmed nor denied that he was the Pope's brother. I cannot remember if he had a Polish accent or not). I also remember going out to cover a story and an older gentleman asked me for my autograph on the newspaper he was holding. I was happy to oblige him.

The station I was employed by was small and they eventually stopped their news program and had to let me go. Part of me was disappointed with the turn of events and another part of me was relieved (the part that was creeped out by the weather man who shared the set with me. He was considerably older than I was and would hit on me and ask if I wanted to go out for drinks with him and his friend who watched the newscast and thought I was attractive and wanted to meet me. Eeeewwww!)

When I miss my television days, I sometimes watch the recordings of my newscasts (my kids get a huge kick out of watching them too I can tell you).

These days I do voice-overs for the Blanchard House Museum's future pod casts and videos.
All Pro bono publico of course. I have fun doing it.


  1. Gosh sister you just amaze me, didn't know you did voice overs, can I have your autograph? Sis K

  2. Want to go out???? JMK