Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hardscaping Continued

The picture above is the beginning of phase one of the sidewalks we are putting in. Currently our sidewalks are made of crushed shell and we would like concrete ones. We are doing this ourselves (remember we like the satisfaction of doing it ourselves, as well as saving bucks in the process). The kids are in on it too (much to their chagrin at times) and are learning a few things that may come in handy when they become homeowners one day.

We started out with laying a string line to mark where we wanted the sidewalk to be, in relation to the original crushed shell one. It is in the same area, just a bit wider. We had to cut some of the sod away to widen the sidewalk (old pros at sod cutting) and dig down through the shell (not as difficult as we had anticipated) to get a level base for the concrete pour later.

Next we staked in the wooden forms...

We are hoping to have the concrete delivered via a ready mix truck by the end of this week. I hope the weather will cooperate. It will be nice to have the sidewalk done, especially before my two older sisters come for a visit this weekend. After their visit we will start on phase two of the sidewalk plan. The second sidewalk will come off of this one at and angle and go to the side door. When the sidewalks cure, they will be stained the same color as the steps and wall cap pieces.

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