Friday, July 31, 2009

My New "Bling"

I am not much of a gardener. The fact that the soil around my home is a first cousin to the lunar surface doesn't help either. I love pretty flowers and envy (in a good way) those who can create and maintain a gorgeous yard.

With that being said...last weekend I decided to weed around some trees and put down some mulch...

Not bad for the "Green-Thumb" challenged eh?

The next day, the index and middle fingers of my left hand became numb. After dragging my heels for four days, I finally went into the doc's.

He ran some tests...sending electric currents through my arms, hands and fingers...and announced that I have a borderline case of carpal tunnel syndrome and must wear a wrist splint for four weeks, 24/7. My new "bling" for a while.

The doc wants to see me again after the four weeks. If my fingers are no better, I may have to have surgery, keep your fingers crossed for me that I don't (I would cross mine, but I can't feel them).

Perhaps God is saying, "Leave the gardening to those who have the innate talent and just enjoy their handiwork." Maybe I can just stick to container plants...less weeds to pick. These plants are thriving thus far (and I bypass the lunar surface soil too).

In the near future my blog posts may be shorter and less frequent for a while, but hopefully no less enjoyable. So, please bear with me.

(8-27-09 doctor appointment shows I will have to have endoscopic release of my median nerve, as the wrist brace has not made the numbness any better)


  1. Oh, but sister, the landscape looks beautiful. I will send up prayers that you won't have to go under the knife. Miss you all so very much. Kiss, kiss, hug, hug. 2nd in line.........

  2. I did the whole CT thing 2 years ago, with excellent results. All that dental hygiene and knitting took its toll on my right hand. Do the therapy and stretches to avoid the surgery if you can, but if the surgery is a must it isn't bad at all. Mine was done endoscopically, which meant that the muscle did NOT have to be cut, much quicker recovery time and almost no pain (instant relief really). I live to knit and clean teeth still.....