Thursday, July 23, 2009

Phase Two Pour

Phase Two of the Sidewalk Pour is complete. On Tuesday morning at 10:10 (not O-Dark-Thirty this time) the same concrete truck driver/operator arrived.

This pour went quicker and was easier than Phase One. The concrete was just soupy enough to make it nice to work with and we had formed up the area so that it was very level.

I do not know how many wheelbarrows of concrete it took to fill the sidewalk form; my husband was in charge of the wheelbarrow and my son and I were in charge of moving the concrete once it was poured into the form.

With the concrete man paid and gone, it was time to smooth the concrete...

We continued with the palm frond design on this sidewalk as well...

There are no cat prints on this sidewalk. I do not know why they refrained from walking/running on the wet concrete this time, but I am glad they did.

We were finished with the concrete work in roughly 2 hours. The wooden forms will be removed in a day or two and then we will stain our new sidewalks in about a month.

It is nice to be able to walk to and from the house, garage and cottage without having to have your feet touch the grass.

My husband is currently in the planning stages for some sort of construction project for Phase stay tuned...

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  1. Another great job well done. My favorite part, the outdoor shower, oh what a relief that was.