Thursday, July 2, 2009

Murals, Murals, Everywhere...

I live in a town that is a vacation destination for many and a migratory route for "Snowbirds".

I recently learned of a new word in the lexicon...Staycations...a staycation is a vacation at home or in your local area. More and more are taking them because of the economic climate. I was taking staycations long before I knew what they were and before they became tres chic.

I have been on staycations as a child. A family of 10 is sometimes limited as to where they can afford to stay and what they can do while there.

My husband and I, with our two children, have been taking staycations for years. We like checking out the local areas and learning about any history there. Our years in the Air Force have taken us to many interesting parts of this great country. I live in a town that is a nice place to take a staycation.

One of the things that makes this area nice for a staycation are the many murals around town. They represent the town's history as well as the flora and fauna. Juan Ponce de Leon landed here, so we have the Conquistador murals.

I spent one sunny morning walking around town with my husband and took pictures of some of my favorite murals. We had a nice, mini staycation.

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