Wednesday, April 15, 2009

1773 Part Deux - April 15, 2009 - Tax Day

This evening my husband and I went into town to experience the local "Tea Party". The crowd (the local newspaper reported about 1,000 in attendance) was gathered around the bandstand which was draped in patriotic colors.They listened while fellow citizens voiced their opposition to Washington D.C.'s shenanigans over the loud speaker. There was much hand-clapping in agreement.

At every turn there were people dressed in red, white and blue and one lady was dressed as the Statue of Liberty. Many carried flags or clever signs. I had to take this boy's picture.

During the "Tea Party" a soft, harmonious murmur slowly swelled into a bold chorus of a well known patriotic tune. When the song ended, handfulls of tea bags were thrown into the air.

The party was scheduled to last from 5:00-6:30 PM and started to wind down on time. Some of the locals began to walk across the bridge still holding their flags and signs. You could hear the cars and trucks honking, reacting to this impromptu parade. Only the driver knows if it was in solidarity or disdain.

Speaking of cars and husband and I have noticed that there are not as many (or hardly any) Obama bumper stickers to be seen on vehicles these days. On our trip this past Easter weekend we challenged ourselves to see how many we could find as we traveled on one of Florida's busiest highways; we only saw one and that was counting both the trip away from home and back. Maybe America wants a change 86 days into Obama's presidency! Could there be a 1773 Part Trois?...if so, I will be in attendance.

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