Monday, April 27, 2009

To Close For Comfort

We could really use some rain about now. It feels as if we are living in a giant tinder box. The rainy season is still a month or so away and it cannot get here soon enough.

The other evening, after dinner, we began to see firetrucks racing past our house... never a good sign. The emergency vehicles stopped two blocks down and one block over from our house.

The fire began after a lawn mower over heated. It was windy and the flames got quickly out of control. Earth moving equipment was brought in to build a berm to stop the fire's progression. The fire fighters did not want the fire to spread to a nearby wooded area that butts up to the local airport. A water carrying helicopter was also brought in to help fight the blaze.

There was a house near the fire's path that had the vinyl siding melted. The neighbor across the street was wetting her house down with the hose.

The next day my husband and I drove down to see the extent of the fire damage. It was reported that about eighteen acres had been burnt.

Again...too close for comfort!


  1. I wish we could send you some of our rain. We have had over 5 inches this month, making it the 10th wettest April on record, with still a few rainy days to come!

  2. I like Kim would send rain your way, had an inch of it yesterday. Kit