Thursday, April 9, 2009


Every year we color a dozen eggs for Easter. A week or two before Easter I visit the local Wal-Mart and peruse the seasonal isle for the latest and greatest in egg coloring kits. One year our eggs sparkled like gems and another year they were tie-dyed. We've used colored and clear wax crayons in tandem with the dyes. Last year we wrapped the eggs with rubber bands before dipping them in the dye. You can see the effect we achieved on the orange egg and the red egg in the picture above.

This year I want to return to the egg dying of my fancy tricks or tools, just simple, primary colors. I remember my Mom using food coloring that came in little plastic bottles. She would put some water in a cup, add a few drops of food coloring and then a little vinegar to set the color and make it more vibrant. The table would be covered in newspaper and the eight of us gathered around it to color the eggs. Which color to use? How long to keep it in the dye? Do I mix my colors? All were options that had to be weighed heavily. Every year one of my brothers would dip one of his eggs in every color which would result in a hue that should not be found in nature.

My brother and his two kids visited us last year and we colored eggs with them. By the looks of his egg, I don't think he was the brother (I have 2 more) who used to dip his egg in every color.


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