Friday, April 24, 2009

Generational Artist

My daughter and some of her artwork

My daughter's Advanced Placement Art class held an art show recently. The students were able to select which of their pieces they wanted to display. I was impressed with the artwork the students had created.

A closer look at her artwork

I am inclined to believe that my daughter's artistic talent is hereditary and she has gotten the "artist gene" from both sides of her family. Let me expound on this belief...

My daughter's paternal great-grandfather had artistic talent. His talent is still visibly displayed on my sister-in-law's home office walls. His pencil drawing of George Washington is amazing. My daughter's paternal grandmother (daughter of the above mentioned artist) is also very talented artistically. She can paint as well as draw. Recently she has created beautiful lamps using seashells her mother collected for many years. My daughter's paternal grandfather has talent too. He has created many pieces of art from plant materials. I have a fish he fashioned out of a palm seed pod hanging in my kitchen. We call his work..."Lawn Art", as his materials are found in and around lawns.

"Lawn Art" Fish

On the maternal side of my daughter's family there are also artists to be found. Her grandma has many paintings to her credit. A few of the paintings can be found on china cups as well as circular saws. My daughter has a maternal aunt who is a fine artist. I, her mother, have some artistic talent as well (apparently not as much as her aunt, because she got the Grand Champion ribbon for fine art at the State Fair and I received the Reserve Grand Champion ribbon. Our pieces of art were competing against one another that year, roughly 32 years ago). I still create pieces of art and have gotten more into photography, especially since the advent of digital cameras and the building of our pinhole camera (see earlier posting).

Another close up

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  1. Thank goodness I have a picture drawn by Anne, so when she is famous, I'll have one of the "Anne's beginnings" art pieces. Cindy