Saturday, April 4, 2009

You Are Hereby Summoned...

It was bound to happen one day and yesterday was the day. I received my very first Juror's Summons. When I tore open the official piece of mail, I had the same feeling you have when the "other shoe" falls...relief that it has finally fallen, and simultaneously, dread that it has finally fallen. I am supposed to call-in the day before I am due to report for duty, to see if indeed my juror number has been called. My number is in the 300's, so perhaps the jury will be filled before my number is reached or as the official piece of mail states...court cases are often settled between the time summonses are mailed and the jurors are scheduled to report. Again I am pulled in two directions. Part of me wants to see what kind of case this will be and experience all it has to offer and then the other part of me wants no interruption in my daily routine.

My mind wanders and wonders. I wonder what the case will be about. What crime has been committed and will I be expected to view grisly crime scene photos? Will I have to be locked in a dark, smokey, wood panelled room with eleven others for days, as our meals are delivered, with no change of underwear or a toothbrush? Will some nefarious character try to bribe me in hopes of gaining my decision in their favor or try to get me to leak some vital piece of information concerning the case? Maybe I have seen too many L.A. Laws (now I am dating myself) or have read too many John Grisham books.

(My number was never called)

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